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This is no ads or distractions, just a timer to get your workout in. Like a mini box timer at the gym!

— Doc Schrock, United States

Used to use the stopwatch or timer functions on my phone but I've switch to this app and it works great.

— RocStar811, United States

So far the best workout timer I've ever used, real simple set up with its default workouts and easy to modify to your liking. I've recommended it to all my co-workers and the love it.

— tooEasy!, United States

Easy to use. Figured it out in seconds! Thank you!

— sraebgf, United States

Just what you need. Brilliant simplicity from humble ingenuity. Hats off to the developer.

— Ja pirate, United States

This app is a must have for CrossFit workouts. Ideal for emoms, amraps and for time workouts. I even use it for strength work like squats by programming beeps for 45 seconds work and 2 minutes rest. And it’s free! I mean come on. 👍🏼

— DODGEMS, United Kingdom
iPhone with Box Timer app

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Put your phone in landscape
mode to make the timer larger
Fingerprint icon

No ads, no tracking

It's just a timer – this is not an app with annoying ads or privacy invasive tracking.

Stopwatch icon

Set your time cap

No matter if you like the timer counting up or counting down, the timer will beep when the time is up.

Hand icon

Tap to pause

Not all workouts turn out as planned. Tap the timer to pause and once more to start again.

Infinity icon

Endless variation

Crush any EMOM or Tabata workout with the custom interval timer!

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get the app?

You can get The Box Timer free on the Apple App Store for iPhone.

I plan to release the app on the Google Play Store in the future.

Where can I use the app?

The Box Timer is perfect for workouts at your home gym or garage gym. However the app is also great for workouts outside or at a regular gym.

What is a WOD?

WOD stands for "Workout of the day" and is a word often used in CrossFit gyms(or boxes as they also are called).

Most gyms have a programming where they have different workouts each day, that where workout of the day comes from.

For most athletes a WOD is a single workout regardless if it's the actual workout of the day for the gym. For example Fran, Cindy and Murph are popular WODs.

What is AMRAP, EMOM and Tabata?

There's a few different formats and ways to measure score of a WOD. These are almost always a combination of time, rounds or repitions. Because of that you can understand why a good timer is so useful when doing these types of workouts.

AMRAP is an abbreviation for as many rounds(or repitions) as possible. THe workout always have a time cap and the score is the rounds(or repititons) you completed during that time.

EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. It means that each minute you must start the movement and complete the prescribed repitions.

Tabata is a style of workout where you have a fixed time for work and rest. Usually that is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for 4 minutes.

For time is the most basic workout format. You just have to complete the workout and however long it takes is the score.

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